Tuesday 1.10.19


A. Front Squats x 3 Jerks x 1, rest 3 mins x 3

750m Run
30-55 HSPU
500m Run
55 DB Step ups 10-22.5kg
250m Run
55 SA DB Thrusters


A. 3 Rounds, rest 2 mins between rounds
20m OH Plate Walking Lunges
20 Plate Ground to OH
45 secs Russian Twists – Use the same plate as for lunges

B. 3 Rounds
8 Dual DB Seated Press
30 secs Hollow Rock Hold
Rest 60 secs

50 Cals Bike or Ski Erg
50 Burpee Box Jumps or Step ups
50 Cals Bike or Ski Erg

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