CrossFit Program

For those that wish to take their training to another level. A combination of strength, lifting, gymnastics, conditioning and new skills, this program will have you in peak physical shape, learning new tricks and doing things you thought impossible.

Metabolic Conditioning

Become a lean machine, get fitter and more toned with a balance of weights and cardio. This functional fitness program will have you fitter, leaner, energised and pumped for the next session.

Functional Strength Training

For those that want to try the latest style in strength training and get their swole on. Across an array of functional movements, this program will have you moving better, stronger, more defined, and excited about training again.

Aerobic Endurance Program

Feel aerobically fitter so you can tackle those longer endurance events with confidence. A combination of running, ski erg, bike erg, row erg, and assault bikes, perfect for those that want to increase their cardio, train hard and stay away from the weights.

Vitality Plan

Specifically designed for our masters population who want to increase energy, get moving and decrease pain. Through a combination of strength, mobility and light cardio, this program is sure to increase your quality of life.

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