6 Reasons Why CrossFit Athletic is Different to Other Training Programs

What makes CrossFit Athletic different to other training programs is:

  • we have an assessment protocol prior to joining,
  • we have multi-tiered programming so we cater for all levels of fitness,
  • we teach you correct technique,
  • we lift weights that allows you to get stronger
  • we change the program daily so you never get bored and
  • we have regular social events to help build the community and have fun.

Prior to joining the classes at CrossFit Athletic, we take you through a 60 minute functional assessment to measure your movement patterns, assess your mobility from head to toe and get more information on what training you have been doing in the past. This allows us to determine which program suits you best and sets you up for success.

We offer a range of different programs to cater for all fitness levels. We believe it is not a one size fits all approach, so we have tiered programs for those that want to get fit and strong and another for those that want to challenge their fitness and learn new skills.
We teach you the basics and develop you over time so you can learn how to do cool skills like Handstand Push Ups, Pull Ups or even Muscle Ups.
Lifting weights is the proven way to get strong and lean. We program strength training to allow this and we control the volume, so you will NOT look like a professional CrossFitter (who by the way we think look awesome) who puts about 6 hours of training in every day!

We change the workouts daily so you are always having fun. The sessions generally involve some strength work at the start, then we do some conditioning. Our conditioning pieces will vary in length depending on the day. It’s important to vary the length and intensity of your training, otherwise your body will plateau and the results will cease.
Social events are a big part of our community. We believe in training hard, but it’s also important to step out of the gym and enjoy yourselves too. We regularly do social events to help grow the community, so if you’re looking for more than a gym, CrossFit Athletic is the place for you.  
So if you want to change up your training, learn new skills and become part of something cool and fun, simply leave your details and a CrossFit Athletic representative will be in contact with you soon.

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